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 Capelli Farms is open!!


Capelli Farms is a rehabilitated farm just off of West Front Street in Lincroft NJ.  We are open and harvesting on our land as well as offering locally grown produce from other farms. Please visit at for more information.

.Nursery Specials!!  Both crape myrtles and butterfly bushes are here blooming!! Why not add some color to your yard!


Crape Myrtles -- Beautiful and hardy.  They can grow in full sun and reach 15-20 feet. They need well drained soil but water when dry and especially until the roots are established. Limited pruning.  For a limited time, we have them on sale for $119!! 

Butterfly Bushes -- 3 gallon size reduced to $19.99!!  They grow in full sun, should add compost to the hole when planting and the hole should be twice the diameter of the container.  The top of the root ball should be level with the soil surface. Water thoroughly when planting and during dry spells.  To get more blooms, trim off the flowers when they are spent.

Bagged Blow Out!!  Black Mulch in 2 cu ft bags special price:  3 bags for $10!

                                 Cedar Mulch in 2 cu ft bags special price:  3 bags for $12!


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