Helpful Gardening Tips for July.



To have your plants blooming all summer long, remove dead flowers from your roses, perennials, and annuals. Trim annuals like petunias, impatience, begonias, etc., in midsummer to encourage new growth and more flowers. Reducing plant height or length by one-third is a good rule of thumb.  Any more than that and the plant may not survive.

If your plants have any signs of disease, make sure you sanitize your clipping shears before moving on to the next branch/plant.  (one part bleach to 10 parts water).  Roses should be trimmed above a five leaf branch, on a 45 degree angle.

Mums can still be trimmed til Mid-July.  This will encourage the plant to produce more flowers in the fall and the plants will not be leggy.   

With the heat and dry spells from rain, containers of annuals may need to be checked every day to see if they need to be watered.  Flowering plants will benefit from a bloom booster fertilizer every 10-14 days. 

Delphinium, daisy, campanula, and other early blooming flowers may provide a second bloom and new foliage if cut back by approx. one-third.   

Vegetable Gardens

Vegetable gardens need consistent watering during dry spells.   A good rule of thumb is to provide around an inch of water per week . 

The best time to water is in the morning.  Watering late afternoon or evening does not allow the moisture to evaporate before the temps drop.   Avoid getting foliage wet whenever possible, especially on disease-prone species such as tomatoes and squash.

Make sure that veges are not allowed to rot on the plant or in the soil.  This can attract pests and diseases.

Basil should be harvested weekly.  If you do not harvest weekly, pinch basil periodically to keep the plant from flowering and by pinching the plant, it encourages a fuller plant.

These are just a few quick tips.  The web has so much information to help you get the most from your gardening experience.  Not a gardener?  You can still enjoy the fruits/veges of the season by visiting local farms and farm stands.  You know the produce is delicious when it is grown in the Garden State!!



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